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We are a Cybersafety and Cybersecurity Awareness Company

In today’s hyper-digital world, anyone who uses the internet needs to know how to stay safe and secure online. Cyber threats are changing and multiplying everyday, and being cyber aware in the workplace and at home is crucial to keep our everyday internet experiences safe, secure, and happy. 

Did you know that humans are the weakest link in the organisational cybersecurity chain? Cyber threats can confront us at any time and come in many forms, including phishing, ransomware, frauds, scams, online harassment, and disinformation. Ignoring the impacts of these dangers on individuals and organisations can come at a steep cost. This includes financial, reputational, legal impacts, including health and wellbeing costs. 

While cybersecurity awareness deals with managing threats to data, devices and internet-connected systems, cybersafety awareness focuses on the safety and wellbeing of the people using the devices, viz., you, your loved ones, and your colleagues. 

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Dr. Anuradha Rao

CyberCognizanz was founded by Dr. Anuradha Rao, to fuel her passion of spreading awareness about the opportunities and dangers of digital technologies, beyond formal academic spaces.


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Training and Workshops

With CyberCognizanz, you will empower you and your people with cybersecurity knowledge that keeps your organisational data and systems safer, while also keeping yourselves – and your loved ones – happier, safer, and more productive online. Our events are interactive, fun, engaging, and practical. These can be conducted online, offline, or in a blended format, and participants can apply the learnings straightaway – in their personal and professional lives.


Some of the topics we cover


Protecting against cyber-threats to wellbeing at work and home 

Workplace wellbeing 

How and why the ‘cyber’ is crucial for true workplace wellbeing 

Digital love

Love and romance in a digital age (And avoiding scammers, catfishers, and fake profiles!)  

Cybercrime watch

What every remote worker must know about Cybercrime watch


Identifying and tackling cyber-bullying and online harassment

Cyber parenting

Safeguard your family in cyberspace: Cyber parenting for all ages

And many more topics !

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