Our Consulting and Training Services are Designed to Keep You, Your Loved Ones, and Your Employees Safer Online

Dr. Anuradha Rao

CyberCognizanz is a Cybersafety and Cybersecurity Awareness Company 

What Do We Do?

Cybersafety awareness refers to knowledge, skills and practices that will keep you safer online. This includes traditional cybersecurity and cyber-hygiene, but goes beyond this to equip individuals with social skills to be safer and happier in cyberspace. Through consulting, training, and communication services, CyberCognizanz works with organisations to identify and manage cyber-threats to employee or end-users' financial, physical, emotional, and mental security and wellbeing as they use the internet.

CyberCognizanz was founded by Dr. Anuradha Rao, to fuel her passion of spreading awareness about the opportunities and dangers of digital technologies, beyond formal academic spaces. 

We conduct talks and trainings that are interactive, engaging, and practical

We offer group and family consultations

We provide consulting and content and communication services on a wide range of topics

Our Topics

For Corporates

For corporates, we cover a range of topics that focus on securing and protecting your biggest assets: your people. Empower your employees with diverse knowledge and skills on cybersafety and cybersecurity, and keep them happier, safer, and more productive online.
  • Cybercrime and cyber-hygiene 101: What every employee needs to know to protect organisational assets
  • Identifying and tackling cyberbullying and harassment in the workplace 
  • Cyber-wellness: How to be happy and healthy in the next normal remote or hybrid workplace
  • Brand safety and reputation: Building trust while managing fake news and misinformation at the workplace
  • Cyber-parenting: Keep your kids and teens safer online and have peace of mind with your own cyber-parenting plan  

For Individuals and Families

Anyone who uses the internet needs to know how to stay safe and secure - and keep their loved ones safe and happy as well. For groups and families, our services include talks and consultations on various aspects of cyber-safety. A popular programme is for parents who want to know more about keeping their children and teenagers safer online. 
  • Cyber-Parenting: Learn how to keep your children and teenagers safer in cyberspace

  • Beat-the-Bullies: Tackling cyberbullying and online harassment at school 
  • Love, Romance and Sex Online: Best Dating Practices in Cyberspace
  • Cyber-Hygiene 101: Best practices when studying or working from home

Cybercrime and cyberbullying are increasing at an alarming rate.
Do you know what to look out for?

Stay Safe when you Work From Home (WFH) or with your kids’ Home-Based Learning (HBL) with CyberCognizanz’s Micro E-Learning Courses on Cybercrime and Cyberbullying.

Brought to you in partnership with CodeRed and EC-Council, a global leader in information security and cybersecurity certification programmes. The courses are set against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic and are filled with the latest examples and best practices from around the world.

Learn at your own pace and get a certification at the end of each course. Free 14-day trial and now available as a Box Bundle for just USD 19.99.


Content & Communications


CyberCognizanz undertakes client-specific consulting, content creation and communication, and research services on a range of issues relating to the impacts of new technologies on society, organisations and companies. Current and past projects are in the areas of cybersafety and cybersecurity, digitalization and entrepreneurship, and the role of new technologies in career readiness.

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