"Anuradha is a professional expert and lecturer and has taken many workshops to impart soft skills to the student community at Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy. It gives me immense pleasure to write about her work. She is passionate, empathetic and through her consulting workshops, she has done a great job in communicating and delivering soft skills that have added value to the professional development journeys of the students. Be it elevator pitch, salary negotiations, or career fair preparation workshops, she has done a tremendous job and shared invaluable insights which have benefitted students, both professionally and personally."
Mansi Dhingra
Public Policy Scholar, National University of Singapore | ADB | UNDP | Ex-Government of India | Ex-TISS | Economics and Development | Social Policy and Impact | Fragility and Conflict (FCAS)
"I had the opportunity to attend Dr. Anuradha Rao’s workshop on cyberbullying at the Sociovation Forum 2022 organised by SUSS. Dr. Rao is a knowledgeable and well-articulated expert in the field. During the workshop, Dr. Rao shed some light on the issue, encompassing (i) the impact to individuals and organisations; (ii) red flags of cyberbullying; (iii) ways to deal with the bullies; and most fundamentally, (iv) the stakeholders involved in dealing with this complex issue. This workshop has definitely equipped the young participants (who make up the majority of soc med users) the skills to utilise the ubiquitous social media as a tool to tackle cyberbullying."
H’NG Zong Xian
JPA Scholar | Final Year Law Student at the National University of Malaysia (UKM)
"I attended Dr Rao's Closed Tabs, Open Conversations workshop on CyberSafety. Dr. Rao is a very compassionate and informed trainer. She brings in her own experience as a parent and holds space for the participants to reflect upon their own parenting experiences and journeys."
Faye Lim
"Dr. Rao explained to us the importance of cyber security very clearly while we've been struggling to find a balance for our 9 year's old child's online time. Especially during the pandemic children are not allowed real contacts and spend quite a lot of time online, many parents can benefit from guidance and tools that CyberCognizanz provides for practical solutions. Dr. Rao gave us an example of creating a "Screen Contract " to write with our child, that let her frame and understand family boundaries that keep her safe."
Kanako & Pierre
Parents, Canada
"I had an opportunity to connect with Dr. Rao at a workshop organised by National University of Singapore for the Teach Singapore Initiative. As a part of this workshop we were trained on ways to build rapport with the Public School students that my fellow volunteers and I interact with on a weekly basis. The best practices shared by Dr. Rao have definitely come in handy and have helped me build trust with the students. Would highly recommend her workshops to individuals who intend to engage in similar activities."
Zinia Singh
Strategy & Customer Success
" With certainty in her voice and a clear sense of purpose, Anuradha Rao easily takes her audience with her into a complex minefield of cyber connections. With her feet solid grounded in professional materials and several years of diligent research Anuradha Rao stands out as an authentic presenter. The content is strong and compelling, perfectly balanced by her rational mindset and respect for the indisputable advantages that comes with the unstoppable technology. With that she manages to make the audience establish their own connections, to get involved and to take personal responsibility for their own cyber safety and wellness. "
Iben Aakerlund
Marketing Specialist, DABS - Danish Business Association of Singapore
I had the opportunity of attending an event organised by Singapore Business and Professional Women's Association where Dr Anu was the speaker. Confident, professional, knowledgeable and articulate, I was impressed by this and it made me enjoy her sharing even more. A 1.5 continuous sharing did not feel long at all and I even wanted to learn more. So well done to Dr Anu for delivering a not only insightful but also engaging sharing session 🙂👍🏼.
Nuruljannah Mansor
Change Analyst, Accenture Singapore & Women Empowerment and Workplace Inclusivity Advocate
"Anu is an excellent facilitator and lecturer. She is well-versed in her subject - cybersecurity and cybercrime. She is supportive and able to engage well with students. She shares valuable insights based on her experiences and often provides real-world examples. I am pleased to have her on-board the Public Safety and Security teaching team!"
Razwana Begum
Head, Public Safety and Security Programme
"Dr Anu’s classes were my first entry to knowledge about cybercrime. Dr Anu not only taught me about the types of cybercrimes online and worldwide, she also gave a holistic overview about the institutions and factors in relation to cybercrime. Through her class, I honed my critical thinking skills and I am able to analyse how the development and vulnerabilities of technology have allowed online crimes to happen. Additionally, I was able to maintain a sociological perspective and make the link between online crimes and offline sociality, policies and enforcement. For example, I am able to understand how lack of cyber hygiene in the offline space as well as the limits of laws and enforcement in the online space all contribute to online hacking. Her classes were very insightful, to say the least, and they have sparked my interest in cybercrime as a whole. Join one of her classes! I’m sure every session will be eye-opening— I say this from experience!"
Amelia Liauw
Undergraduate (Final semester), Criminology and security studies, Singapore Institute of Technology
" I attended a workshop by Anu about Understanding and Countering Fake News and found it a useful and practical course. The real-life case studies are very engaging. A great presentation style with lots of opportunities to discuss and ask questions makes it very dynamic and practicable."
Wannakarn (Wicky) Pakpoompong
Business Manager, APAC, Data Strategy, Dow Jones
"I’ve attended a session delivered by Doc Anu entitled “Closed Tabs, Open Conversations”, which focused on Cybersafety, Cyber-parenting and how to work with your child(ren) to develop safe online practices. The session was well-delivered and Doc Anu not only provided her expertise on the topic but also an opportunity for other parents to share what has worked for them, which allowed for a rich discussion and best practice sharing. These workshops are very much needed in this day and age. Social media and online platforms took control of people's lives, especially when the pandemic hit. Helping our children connect what they learn to what can actually happen, is essential to help protect them. Thanks Doc Anu, for this wonderful workshop. I hope that more parents get the opportunity to attend your sessions!"
Richelle "Chie" van Slobbe
Experienced Learning Professional, Facilitator and Coach
"Dr Anu and I volunteered together for an education initiative, teaching young children active citizenship and moral values. Inspite of her busy work schedule & family commitments, Dr Anu has crafted out time weekly for this education initiative on Sunday mornings. She takes pride in her work & strives to produce high quality work improving on lesson plans for her classes. She is also an engaging teacher who has the knack to conduct fun & engaging lessons for her students. She will go the extra mile to ensure the students understand the lessons and that our lesson objectives are met. Her students look forward to her classes every week. She has a high level of commitment & shows up for every lesson without fail. She is a great teamplayer & gives constructive suggestions during our lesson plan discussions. It has been a real privilege working alongside with her."
Suba Manoharran
Senior Channel Manager
"The fake news workshop by Anuradha was truly insightful. It made me realise that even as a seasoned professional in the information technology industry, I too was at risk of believing fake news. What is more, the workshop equipped me with skills to understand the fake news phenomenon in different contexts - particularly the Singaporean context."
Pedro Goncalves
Risks Solutions Specialist, Refinitiv
"I worked with Anu as part of a small research team that supported community activists researching in India as part of a programme sponsored by IDRC and delivered by NTU in Singapore. We were the academics, with Anu working mostly directly and frequently with the team in India. The project was very successful and the outputs and outputs worthwhile. We worked together for three years and throughout this time she was an exemplary and conscientious researcher, showing considerable insight and understanding of the various communities and issues."
John Traxler
Professor of Digital Learning, University of Wolverhampton, UK