Cyber parenting


Are your employees equipped to keep themselves and their families safe in cyberspace?

CyberCognizanz’s Cyber-Parenting Workshop Series is designed to equip your employees with knowledge and tools so they can work with peace of mind. It will give your employees significant peace of mind plus make them an asset in your company’s overall cybersecurity defences.


Distracted Employees are Less Productive

Show your employees you care about them and their family’s wellbeing
by equipping them with the latest best practices they can employ to stay safe and focused

Cyber-risks are real and at your doorstep:


Globally, every 32 seconds, a hacker or intruder attacks someone online.


Nearly 60% of children (8-12 years old) surveyed around the world are exposed to cyber risks. This number is higher for teenagers.


Of this 60%, 45% of children (8-12 years old) have experienced cyberbullying, either as victims or as bullies themselves.

Top 3

Cyber-risks for children are cyberbullying, reputational risks, and exposure to risky (sexual or violent) content. 

our programme

Cyber-Parenting for Employees Programme

Now you can engage your own in-house Cyber-parenting Expert, CyberCognizanz’ Dr. Anuradha Rao to help employees who are also parents and guardians understand internet dangers, and to equip them with skills and strategies to keep their loved ones safer online. Sessions are designed to be modular bite-sized and conducted over a period of a few weeks. Modules and workshops can be combined to a full day workshop, retreat, brown-bag lunches, webinars, or customised to meet your organisational requirements. 

Session 1

Cyber-Parenting - What are the Issues and Where to Get Started
  • Learn top cyber-risks and risk factors that your employee’s children and teenagers may face  
  • Understanding what cyber-parenting is and why it’s necessary
  • Cyber-parenting guidelines and getting started with a customised action plan  

Session 2

Protecting your Children from Bullies and Online Harassment
  • Understanding types and dangers of online harassment, including cyberbullying      
  • Learn how to spot bullies, bullying behaviours, and warning signs
  • Put your beat-the-bullies action plan into motion

Session 3

Preventing Children and Teenagers from Online Sexual Abuse
  • Understanding harmful online sexual behaviours in children and young adults
  • Learn about sexual predators and how sexual abuse happens online
  • Practices to protect your children from online sexual abuse

Session 4

Cyber-Wellness: Raising Happier and Healthier Kids Online
  • What is cyber-wellness and why it is critical for digital natives (your children)
  • Understand and avoid common mistakes that affect children’s wellbeing online
  • Working with your children to keep them happier and healthier in cyberspace

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Dr. Anuradha Rao

CyberCognizanz was founded by Dr. Anuradha Rao, to fuel her passion of spreading awareness about the opportunities and dangers of digital technologies, beyond formal academic spaces.


What is Cyber-Parenting?

In this hyper-digital environment, parents and guardians will need to stay vigilant against these and other cyber-risks, and work with their children to keep them safer, healthier and happier online. This is called cyber-parenting. Cyber-parenting can be a daunting task to begin.

Don’t struggle by yourself! Learn how to identify cyber dangers and protect your children with CyberCognizanz’s Cyber-Parenting Programme, which provides practical tips and tools to concerned parents and guardians.

Watch and listen

Cyber-Parenting in the Press

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