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Defending against Cybercrime + Cyberbullying

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Learn at your own pace and get a certification at the end of each course. Free 14-day trial and now available as a Box Bundle for just USD 19.99.

Stay Safer when you Work From Home (WFH) or with your kids’ Home-Based Learning (HBL) with CyberCognizanz’s Micro E-Learning Courses on Cybercrime and Cyberbullying


Who Is It For?

Cybersecurity awareness is a key requirement in our post-COVID-19 world, and anyone who uses the internet should have basic knowledge and skills to stay safe online. This non-technical course bundle is designed for anyone who needs to use the internet for work, learning, or leisure, and requires no prior IT or cybersecurity skills.

The bundle is particularly useful if you are considering a career in cybersafety or cybersecurity, and want to understand the complex cybersecurity landscape better.


Course Description

Cybercrime And You:
Staying Safe in a Hyper-Connected World

Cybercrime is one of the deadliest threats to personal and national security in recent times, and has seen a spike globally with COVID-19. In this course, you will learn about the cybercrime landscape, cybercrime types, common techniques used by cybercriminals, as well as cybersecurity best practices. This knowledge can help you avoid becoming a victim, and you can better protect your loved ones, colleagues, and your organization from cybercrime and cybersecurity breaches.

What’s covered:

What’s covered:

Defending Against Cyberbullying

A common type of cybercrime is cyberbullying, which can cause great physical, emotional, and mental trauma in victims. In this course you will learn about cyberbullying types and its impacts – on children, youth, and in the workplace – as well as how to identify, avoid, and protect yourself against bullying behaviours. This is crucial information if you are a parent, employee or employer, for a happier and safer remote studying and working experience.

These micro-courses are under 4 hours each, and cover concepts, case studies, real-life examples, DIY activities and quizzes, and the latest knowledge and best practices on the topics.

As the world continues to battle with the effects of COVID-19, this bundle is useful for any and all internet users that are interested in keeping themselves, their families, employees, and companies safer online.