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60% of Children who Use the Internet are Vulnerable to Cybercrime* 

Cyber-Parenting: Best Practices to Keep Your Children Safer in Cyberspace

Do you know what you, your child, and your family are being exposed to?

The Cyber-Risk is Real:

32 seconds

Globally, every 32 seconds, a hacker or intruder attacks someone online

60 Percent

Nearly 60% of children (8-12 years old) surveyed around the world are exposed to cyber risks. This number is higher for teenagers

45 Percent

Of this 60%, 45% of children (8-12 years old) have experienced cyberbullying, either as victims or as bullies themselves


There are at least 21 billion points of attack for cybercriminals from our smart devices 

Child and Adolescent Online Safety is a real and emerging global concern: 

In the post-COVID next normal, our children will continue to stay online for learning and leisure. As they do so, internet dangers morph and multiply every day. 

Top cyber-risks for children include:

  • Cyberbullying
  • Reputation risks
  • Exposure to inappropriate content (sexual or violent)
  • Exposure to risky contact (sexual contact online or offline)
  • Social media or gaming disorders 

Nearly two-thirds (60%) of children (8-12 years old) surveyed around the world are exposed to cyber risks. These figures are even higher for teenagers.*Child Online Safety Index (COSI) Report, 2020

Learn more about our comprehensive Cyber-Parenting Programme 

In this hyper-digital environment, parents and guardians will need to stay vigilant against cyber-risks, and work with their children to keep them safer, healthier and happier online. This is called cyber-parenting.

Cyber-parenting can be a daunting task to get started with. Don’t struggle by yourself! Learn how to identify cyber dangers and protect your children with CyberCognizanz’s Cyber-Parenting Programmes, which provide practical tips and tools to concerned parents and families.

Contact us to organise workshops or webinars for your school, community, parents, or other social groups

Cybercrime and You: Staying Safe In A Hyper-Connected World – Course Overview

Programme Topics:

Interact with and learn cyber safety strategies from the expert, Dr. Anuradha Rao and build a community of parents to help you in your cyber-parenting journey.

What is cyber-parenting and why is it necessary? Key Topics and Issues. 

Top internet dangers for kids and teenagers and practical ways to mitigate them.

Cyber-parenting guidelines and getting started on keeping yourself and your family safe.

Protect yourself and your family against bullying and online harassment.  

Protect your child’s identity, reputation, and wellbeing. Key signs to look out for. 

Cyber-hygiene practices for kids and parents to easily put in place. 

Prevention is better than cure when it comes to cybersafety, and knowledge is the best defence. If you are interested in learning about cybercrime, cyberbullying and other internet dangers commonly faced by children and teenagers, do check out my micro e-learning course brought to you in partnership with global cybersecurity e-learning and certification leader EC-Council.

Cyber-Parenting in the Press

Watch CyberCognizanz Founder Dr. Anuradha Rao’s recent presentations to learn how internet dangers such as cyberbullying can affect your child, and how a good cyber-parenting plan can bring you some peace of mind.

Cyber-Parenting: Guidelines to Keep Our Children and Teens Safer in the Post-COVID “New Normal” 

Summary: Our children are going online at ever-younger ages, and they need guidance in keeping their cyberspace journey safe and fulfilling. In this webinar, brought to you in partnership with EC-Council, Dr. Anuradha Rao discusses key cyber-parenting guidelines to keep children and teenagers safer in cyberspace.

Dealing with Cyberbullying – Future Design Podcast “COVID19 Special” w/ Anuradha Rao

Summary: Cyberbullying is one of the biggest perils we face online. Dr. Anuradha Rao talks to Future Design Podcast host Takatoshi Shibayama about what to do – and what not to – if you are at the receiving end of cyberbullying. She also discusses ways in which each of us can make the internet a safer space.

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Be Cognizant! Having a Plan Can Give you Significant Peace of Mind. 

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